We get a kick out of helping brands improve their social interaction with people they communicate with. We believe in the emotional power of live, personal, tangible experiences. Ideas are born from a holistic combination of strategy, concept and content.


Potpourri_Groß_9Treppenbegegnung_00x700For over 25 years we have contributed to our international clients’ success by developing, organising and leading projects with one core objective: creating the Moment of Truth – that magical instant when brand and contact persons meet face-to-face and share that special chemistry. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!
Picture us as a really cool bar tender, who can shake up a perfect blend of interaction and emotion and serves it with a deeper sense of purpose, relevance and sustainability. Would you like an olive with that?

We go that extra mile to produce insight driven strategies, tailored concepts, all the way to a successful implementation. We are social beings to the core. Working in close collaboration with our clients and partners comes naturally. Our team of talented professionals is small enough to serve your individual needs in person – and large enough to provide you the entire range of communication solutions available.

How can we help you today? Live Retail, Live Communication and Sustainability.



Omnichannel has changed the nature of the traditional brick and mortar retail. We need an upgrade! We need touchpoints, where Relationship Managers help to nurture the bond between brands and their customers.
Here is where we come in.

Live Retail + Training


Witnessing that spark between brands and their audience, when they meet at our events, is truly amazing. Boom!
Our secret?
Fuelling this dialogue with the perfect mix of interaction and emotion.

Live Communication


Whew, sustainablity on everyone’s lips!?
Yup, we’ve said the “s” word, too.
But for us, sustainability is not the abstinence from things. We want to add value to every process.


TEDxMünchen 2016

2016: A year marked by negative headlines. Global terrorism, the so-called refugee crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, panama papers, the almost ludicrous US election campaign. It’s time for some good news! Therefore TEDxMünchen 2016 focused on positive topics. On solutions for acute problems. On sustainable, future-oriented ideas. On projects which give us hope. With their optimism our speakers inspired the audience  full of power and positive thoughts…

TEDxMünchen Website

CORVATSCH // Loft Location and Creative Space

Step inside, and you’ll feel there’s something special about this place. It houses the perfect environment to forge ideas, develop and challenge yourself, surrounded by awesome people.

Come on in and make yourself at home…

Welcome to CORVATSCH