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Computer science for everyone!

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Computer science for everyone! 
ReDi School at TEDxYouth@München.

We are very happy to have such a varied TEDxMünchen family with a whole bunch of creative, innovative and inspiring companies and associations supporting us. One of them is the ReDI School here in our hometown Munich.

The ReDI School of Digital Integration was founded in February 2016 by a team convinced that technology can bring people together to build new solutions to old problems.

The non-profit social enterprise offers several 3-5 months IT-programs, workshops, corporate training projects as well as short term summer courses for tech-interested locals and newcomers in Germany and provides a strong network of tech leaders, students and alumni to help create new opportunities for all.

By teaching technology the ReDI School aims to break down barriers and connect the digital leaders of tomorrow. They utilize the power of transformation, co-creation and connecting people from all over the world and society around a shared interest – we couldn’t think of a better match with the TEDxMünchen as we do share these exact same values and approaches.

At our recent TEDxYouth@München we partnered with the ReDI School for a unique coding workshop – The Hour of Code. Within one hour they taught our young community members how to code their very first game and therefore co-created with them their first steps into the world of coding and digitalization. As we all know, computers are everywhere changing every industry on the planet. But still only around 35% of all high schools teach computer science. Companies and non-profit organizations like the ReDI School have made it their task to contribute a part to the education of young people, no matter their background.

The workshop at our event was a great success – the results were impressive, the feedback more than positive and we were able to inspire especially a lot of girls to join it even if they were skeptical at first. In addition, a lot of our (young) community members have registered as volunteers for the ReDI School and want to help them achieve their educational goals.

Wow. The power of connection and co-creation amazes us every single time and we’re more than happy to create a platform for this with our TEDx events.

Good to know:

We are organizing a TEDxMunich Salon “Act Now” on September 20th to mark the global climate strike and draw people’s attention to environmental protection and their ability to act. Afterwards we will go to the Fridays for Future Demonstration together.

All information can be found here: https://tedxmuenchen.com/act-now


Leni from Ziberts

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