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If we don’t fix it, nobody will!

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If we don’t fix it, nobody will!

This sentence quite accurately points out our motivation for intitiating TEDxYouth München: Young people out there do things that we can all look up to. Generation Y and Z are entitled and feel destined for greater things? We say: Yes! And we think this can be a good thing! They have courage, they are determined, they have ideas, dreams and are not afraid to take the necessary steps in order to achieve them. Thousands of them gather in the streets, start businesses, write books all before reaching the age of 25. Where does this determination come from? And how can each and every one of us contribute to make the world a better place? We wanted answers.

On July 11th 520 young, curious guests were welcomed in the Muffathalle in Munich. The festival’s program offered eight talks from inspiring young people and numerous workshops for every guest to participate

Eight Talks – from inspiring to uncomfortable

Florian Pachaly, Niko Rittenau and Luisa Neubauer set a clear message concerning climate change and sustainability. Florian Pachaly shocked the audience with his insights on how coffee-to-go cups destroy our environment. At the same time he gave hope by showing that we can solve pressing problems of the present with smart solutions like his reusable cups “Recup 2 Go”. Niko Rittenau showed us which impact our eating habits have on the planet. As a vegan nutritionist he challenged clichés on veganism and raised awareness for a conscious choice in nutrition. Luisa Neubauer, organizer of Fridays for Future Germany, urged the audience to become climate activists themselves by giving insights on climate change in an uncomfortable and touching talk.

Paul David Bühre and Dorsa Derakshani inspired the audience by sharing their personal journeys. Paul wrote his first bestseller at the age of just 15. On stage he took the audience along his journey and explained: Its ok not to have all the answers. He encouraged everyone to welcome the adventures of life with curiosity. Dorsa Derakshani on the other hand always knew what she wanted in life: play chess. As a young Iranian she had to always endure criticism on her self-determined presence. Her mission for TEDxYouth München: a clear statement towards freedom of expression.

Two women in tech raised the girl power of the event to another level. Maria Piechnick showed how smart clothing could be used to control robots. By paving the way for people without tech-backgrounds to program robots, her start up “Wandelbots” brings us a step closer to the democratization of AI. 21-year-old programmer ad entrepreneur Aya Jaff gave the audience an insight on the questions she asks herself every day to make an impact and generate ideas: “What pissed you off today? And what can you do to not be pissed off again tomorrow?”.

With only 15 year old, the youngest speaker that evening was composer, musician and conductor Maximilian Haberstock. With his talk about classical music, emotions and politics he rose the audience to standing ovations.

Fitting the motto of the event “Who, if not us” one speaker slot was given away to the audience: With only one hour of preparation, journalist Anna Wörner improvised a touching speech about tolerance.

Off stage the motto was interaction

Apart from everything happening on stage, there were countless things to do: The variety of interactive workshops challenged the attendees to engage with each other in a creative way. TEDx Youth sponsors engaged and encouraged the young generation to actively exchange opinions with their offered formats. The basic idea: Only together can we create a future worth living. In cooperation with the European Patent Office we discovered the important relation between patents and innovations.

The Redi School gave participants the opportunity to program their own game at their booth. Together with Puls Radio guests got the chance to make their own radio show. BMWi gave an inspiring change of perspective in their un/bubbled Pop Up Debate. Together with My Motivation and FWU, attendees could find out more about themselves and the skate parkour powered by High Five invited for a small four-wheel-adventure.

With laughter and energy through the night

Poetry slammer and comedian Hani Who guided through the colorful program with a big portion of charme and humour. The jazz band Slatec, house band for the night, accompanied the program with their organic improvised techno. The Ocelots, an Irish brother duo delighted us with dreamy, harmonic Folk music.

This was only the beginning: We want to continue giving room for inspiration and interaction. To everyone who did not get the chance to be there – we have good news for you: All the talks will be online soon. You wanna be there for our next TEDx event? Tickets for our TEDxMünchen on November 10th  are already available online!

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