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Ideas worth spreading

TED is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in New York. The aim is to spread innovative ideas, new approaches and creative visions – amongst others in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design.
TEDx began in 2009 as a licensing experiment created in the spirit of TED‘s philosophy of radical openness.
We have been organizing the TEDxMünchen for five years now as license holder, curator, host and coach. TEDxMünchen is always an „intellectual surprise“ bringing together inspirational speakers with fascinating ideas, innovative technologies, visionary approaches. The sold out events attract an audience formed of exciting and creative people who really want to move something.
This year’s TEDxMünchen is on November 18th 2018 in the “Münchner Kammerspiele”. We are looking forward to exciting Talks, around the topic of “FAITH. LOVE. HOPE”.

This was TEDxMünchen 2017

Quotes from previous events
+ It was a wonderful, human experience. So many exciting things to learn, so many new perspectives to discover.
+ I think almost all of my friends and family in Munich could really do with a monthly TEDx-session, – then I probably wouldn’t have such a hard time „explaining the world“ to them.
+ Best culture event in Munich ever!
+ The talks are very inspirational from exceptional people that I’d love to have as my close friends at my house for dinner.

Supporting “Innovation Accelerator“ teams


The workshop format to gain new perspectives


A series of workshops around the globe about urban mobility of the future