"RETURN ON RESOURCES" - Our Reinvention of Sustainability.

Whew, sustainablity on everyone’s lips!? Yup, we’ve said the “s” word, too.
But for us, sustainability is not the abstinence from things. We want to add value to every process


Sustainability – we’ve taken this overused, abused, misused buzzword and brought it back to life. From conception to implementation we constantly question the relevance and impact of the project in hand. We strive for maximum effect and long lasting value, but never loose sight of the consumption of our resources. We call this mindset: Return on Resources.

To be truly sustainable, one can always try to reduce waste. But better still, is to aim to find ways to add value. And therein lies the key. Companies can act on two levels. Firstly bring their employees on board and secondly, learn to communicate about sustainability. That’s why you have us. We’re here to help employees interiorise the concept of sustainability and steer the ship onto the right course, together.

These steps should be visible to all your audience. This doesn’t mean communicating your results once the deed is done, but to take customers along on the journey, keeping them informed all the way – taking step by step in the right direction.
Our concept of Return on Resources adds sense and use to our clients’ sustainability measures and helps them talk about it both internally and externally. There’s loads to do, so let’s get started.