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TEDxMünchen 2018: Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes at TEDxMünchen 2018

from the perspective of our photographer Denise Stock.


It’s an hour before the doors of the Kammerspiele in München open to the 600 spectators of the TEDxMünchen 2018 event. This year the theme is FAITH. LOVE. HOPE. I start spotting familiar faces with their clipboards, on their phones or carrying boxes along the corridors. A quick nod and smile is all they have time for right now. Inside the main theatre, it feels like watching little ants shuffling around purposefully.  Adjusting lights, testing the sound, going through the motions, checking final positions… Before the doors open to the public, all these talented professionals will scuttle out of view, high up in the lighting rigs, into cubbyholes, behind screens, cameras and control desks.  They are the ones who make all the magic of a TEDx talk possible, yet they are the ones we never see on the official YouTube channel.

The way I see it, every TEDx event we host is the result of true faith, love and hope.

You know the incredible energy that builds up in a room when an event is in full swing? It is thanks to this environment one can get fully absorbed in the story being told on stage and feel the effects of its message leaving an imprint on our inner self. In the mean time, every person in the production team is continuously making hundreds of little acts of faith. Any tiny distraction or glitch can disrupt this delicate state of the audience. This complete trust in everyone doing their job to 100%, no matter how small their role, is what holds it all together. Being able to witness everything unfold from behind my camera, as an observer and participant simultaneously, is one the reasons I still believe in magic.

And where would we be without love? Love for the profession each member of the team has chosen to pursue. Love for the cause of spreading ideas around the world. Love for bringing together people who share a passion for finding solutions, breaking the rules, making up new ones…

And boy do we hope! We hope our speakers get the applause they deserve after months of preparation, we hope a phone doesn’t ring in the middle of a talk, we hope a string of a guitar doesn’t bust half way through the performance, we hope everyone has an amazing evening. And I hope I get the shot I am looking for.

The images below show the TEDxMünchen 2018 event from a different angle. It’s a tribute to all the hard work everyone has put into making a dream come true… yet again.

You know who you are. Thank you!


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